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2006 Rolyan Buoy Catalog (PDF)
Can Buoys

All can buoys have the following features:

  • Easy reconditioning of weather-worn buoys, with excellent adhesion of restoration materials
  • ABS Exterior, completely urethane foam filled and ultraviolet inhibited
  • Self-righting without tackle
  • Standard bands, symbols and messages included.

All can buoys have the following available options:

  • Internal radar reflectors
  • Pickup eye built into top (except B1428FW)
  • Non-standard messages
  • Agency and name identification
  • Swivel eyes or pipe thru for float collar applications
  • Yellow cans, centerline black and white or red and white
  • All cans available as green channel markers or red channel markers with nun tops
Standard Can

Widely used by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, concrete ballast encased in ABS, ballast attached by a galvanized steel pipe, 3" silver reflective band at top.

B1251 - 12" dia.
B1352 - 13" dia.
B1452 - 14" dia.
B2445 - 24" dia.

Float Collar Cans/Coast Guard Type
B1428SW- 14" dia., 28" collar internal ballast
B6CPRM - 12" dia., 28" collar external ballast
B5CPRM - 19" dia., 38" collar external ballast
B5CPRFW - 19" dia., 38" collar internal ballast
B5CPRSW -19" dia., 38" collar internal ballast

Model B2413UL

Can dia. & Ht. in. 13 x 30

Collar dia. & Ht. in. 24 x 10

Overall Ht. in. 75

Exposure w/o tackle in. 36

Submerged buoyancy lbs. 240

Net weight lbs. 116


Green Channel Markers
All above can buoys available as green channel markers. For part numbers, simply add a 'G' (without quotes) to the above listed part numbers.
Model B2413ULG Green Can Buoy Model B2413ULN Red Nun Buoy
Red Channel Markers

For marking right side of channel when facing upstream or right side of harbor when entering. Widely used by Local, State and Federal Agencies.

All large red channel markers feature:

  • Easy reconditioning of weather-worn buoys, with excellent adhesion of restoration materials
  • Solid red with 3" red reflective band
  • ABS exterior, completely urethane foam filled
  • Self-righting and excellent stability without mooring.

Available options - all nuns:

  • Pickup eyes
  • Internal radar reflectors
  • White numerical markings
  • Agency or name identification
B1428ULN - 14" dia.

B1428NSW - 14" dia.

B1352N - 13" dia.
B1452N - 14" dia.
B2445N - 24" dia.


Channel Markers


  • Super-tough white LLDPE shell. Ultra violet inhibited
  • Completely urethane foam filled. Virtually unsinkable
  • Self-righting without tackle
  • Easily replaceable white vinyl wrapper
  • Standard bands symbols messages included
  • 1-1/2" sch. 40 galvanized pipe through buoy
  • 10" dia. galvanized steel plate at top (Can)
  • 3-3/4" dia. galvanized washer at top (Nun)
  • Optional solar light available

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