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2006 Rolyan Buoy Catalog (PDF)


  • Two reflective symbols - Choose either from: circles, diamonds, diamonds with a cross or square
  • Two orange reflective bands 2" wide
  • One silver reflective band 3" wide
  • Two sets of wording desired. Letters are 3" black for messages
  • All items are self-adhesive

Hi Intensity Reflective Kits are also available to greatly improve visibility as well as restoring useful life to existing buoys. They aid in providing maximum water safety.

Available in standard or hi-itensity reflective material. Choose from hazard symbol, restricted symbol, controlled symbol, or information symbol.

Reflective Tape
Available in standard or hi-intensity reflective material in 50 yard rolls. Choose from 2" or 3" orange, 3" red, 3" green, or 3" silver.

Available in 2" and 3" black self-adhesive materials.

ABS Patching Compound
Available for the repair of damaged buoys in either 1/2 pint or 1 quart bottles. Colors available are white, orange, red, green and black.

Clear-Guard Protective Coating
Helps restore gloss and ultraviolet protection. Available by quart or gallon.

Vinyl Wrappers
To renew the appearance of buoys. Complete with orange bands, symbols and black messages on a white self-adhesive wrapper. Specify symbol and message desired. Available for most Rolyan Buoy sizes.

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Rolyan Buoys is a member of the National Safe Boating Council and is the sole sponsor of their newsletter… ANCHOR LINE.

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