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One Mile Two Mile
  • Light source-LED's
  • Colors-amber, red, green, and clear
  • Compact and maintenance free
  • Estimated battery life 3-5 yrs
  • Easy installation - just bolt down
  • High performance and reliability
  • Flash pattern - 15 or 60 fpm (flashes per minute)
  • Rugged construction and solid state components
  • Sun switch detects daylight and turns off light
  • Weight 1 lb.
  • Light source-LED's
  • Colors-amber, red, green, and clear
  • Compact and low/no maintenance
  • Estimated battery life 3-5 yrs
  • Programmable
  • Stainless steel/polycarbonate construction
  • Common Flash rates -15-30-60 FPM (flashes per minute)
  • Batteries may be easily replaced
  • Lights are field serviceable
  • Lightweight






B345A15 Amber 15FPM B382A Amber
B345G15 Green 15FPM BB382C Clear
B345A60 Amber 60FPM B382G Green
B345G60 Green 60FPM B382R Red
B345R15 Red 15FPM
B345C15 Clear 15FPM
B345R60 Red 60FPM
B345C60 Clear 60FPM

Available Options
Solar lights may be mounted to any Rolyan® Can or Nun buoy. They may also be retro-fitted to existing buoys.
B21910 Theft Proof Wrench
B21911 Theft Proof Screws 1"
B21912 Theft Proof Screws 1 1/2"
B343SLM Two mile light adapter (includes 4 ea. TP screws)
B345SLA One mile light adapter (includes 2 ea. TP screws)

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